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This is such a universal experience.

Why is the violence always directed at women? Across the world, irrespective of nationalities, religions, race and creed?


#YesAllWomen: how Twitter reacted to the shootings in California

In the wake of the Isla Vista killings, #YesAllWomen began trending on Twitter as people shared experiences instances of harassment and violence against women. See more Twitter reactions 

To all, I would say how mistaken they are when they think that they stop falling in love when they grow old, without knowing that they grow old when they stop falling in love…
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
People used what they called a telephone because they hated being close together and they were scared of being alone
Chuck Palahniuk (via mansitrivedi)
You’ll be fine. You’re 25. Feeling unsure and lost is part of your path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it. Take a breath. You’ll be okay. Even if you don’t feel okay all the time.
Louis CK (via katesmckinnon)

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